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Increasing your Car’s Longevity with Pennies.

Did I just hear that correctly on how cheap it is to maintain a car That a car repair cost you three thousand five hundred bucks is outrageous. Great, that’s almost the price of a new car or used one for that matter. The car may have a lot of significance to you making it almost understandable to want to spend that much money on it. There are only two victims of this love affair you and your money. If you are interested in harnessing the right service for your car you might want to embrace the maintenance aspect that comes with the car. It certainly sounds encouraging to hear that you can do some of the maintenance yourself or not depending on how you prefer.

You would want to walk around without a belt or a good one for that matter. It might interest you to know that you may be staring into the possibility of an embarrassing situation. The situation is not at all different for your car as a matter of fact the serpentine belt needs to be in tip top shape most if not all of the time. Air filter, alternator and power pump issues all arise from a failure in the serpentine belt. You wouldn’t want things working any other way except in their full potential. What’s more is that you can have a serpentine belt replaced without breaking the bank. What’s more you only need to replace them after sixty thousand to a hundred thousand miles which is not bad at all for your car. Any time after that replace it before you have to be churning out cash to do repairs all the while without enjoying your car’s service.

Let’s talk spark plugs. They determine whether or not you go from one place to another with your car. They are the brain of your engine pistons and go ahead to ensure fuel efficiency in your car. You have bigger problems to worry about in the case of spark plugs with misfiring engines and poor gas mileage than you do with a serpentine belt failure. It’s that simple with them you take care of them and they do the same for your engine performance. Thirty thousand miles and no more is where you give old spark plugs rest and bring in the new ones. Tool Nerds happens to be a great help if you want to do this purely on your own.

Everyone has enemies well, so do cars. Eventually engine cylinders and pistons pay the ultimate price where debris and dirt are concerned. There’s no saving your money on this one once they are in your engine. Luckily there is a vaccine for this one too, say hallo to air filters.

It takes care of both harmful emissions and filtering of dirt and debris. Without it, well you can forget about your car ever running. The fact that it takes sixty thousand miles for it to be replaced is good for you though because it’s a long time. If you are wondering what’s in it for you after all the trouble you’ve taken you can relax. How about two hundred thousand miles for you and an even longer car life, sweat deal and you know you want it.